Our biodiesel is environmentally friendly, and is a renewable fuel made by converting recycled cooking oil that is made into a green alternative fuel. The fuel reduces green house gases and can be used in all diesel engines with no modifications.

Joint Venture Opportunities

We at SILTRI, pride ourselves on carrying out our business activities in conventional sectors in unconventional ways, namely by taking a collaborative approach. We actively seek out win-win opportunities and are open to suggestions from third parties whereby we can add value to your Company.

Currently, we provide third party processing opportunities to our vendor partners, this is not limited to simply processing material but we also offer our networks as a means of an additional channel for your feedstock.

Given our quality assurance program that was created in concert with an independent source, we have been successful in establishing relationships and a track record of providing superior feedstock to our off-take partners irrespective of industry.

Our view is simply this: constantly innovate, provide our partners on either side of the ledger value and exploit the principle of “power in numbers” to the benefit of our partnerships.

Nobody knows your business like you know your business. Your industry may not be a core competency of our team, however, our approach and commitment to our industrial partners follows our guiding principles of collaborative solutions to the benefit of the partnership. We are here to take an active interest in your business and allocate internal resources to meet your specific needs to extract most value for your business.

SILTRI Advantage

We are a family owned and operated business, we are large enough to meet your needs but small enough that you have direct access to us. Given our size we have the ability to accommodate our customers ever changing needs to adapt to market conditions in real time...
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