Our biodiesel is environmentally friendly, and is a renewable fuel made by converting recycled cooking oil that is made into a green alternative fuel. The fuel reduces green house gases and can be used in all diesel engines with no modifications.


Purchaser of Oils:

We purchase crude yellow grease (used cooking oil) direct from independent collectors and food processing facilities. We purchase the yellow grease on a yielded market formula basis, in this way we share in the market movements establishing a true partnership. All incoming material is sampled and labelled for your inspection at your request. This measure has been implemented as means to have complete transparency with our vendor partners.

Third Party Processing:

We pride ourselves on the ability to take raw material, treating all adverse contaminants, and producing a finished product within the predefined parameters established by our off-take partners. We believe our efficiency and quality is unmatched in the industry. As a result, we have become “tolling agents” for some of the largest consumers and producers of oils in Canada. In this capacity, given your specific needs, we have the ability to take-in your raw material and provide you with finished product at a rate of 15MT per hour.


Having established collaborative relationships across a variety of industries we offer our partners with an outlet for their finished oils. Our proposition is simple: leverage our relationships and preferred pricing given volumes to the benefit of the partnership leading to a win-win-win outcome. In this way, our off-take partners increase product volumes in a controlled way maintaining product integrity and the supplier is able to achieve more favourable pricing on their material.

Vacuum Truck Services:

We understand that one of the greatest challenges and largest cost components in business is logistics management. In the infancy of our business we outsourced this function to a third party provider and it became clear that by doing so our margins were being negatively impacted. Having this understanding we provide “vac” truck service to our partners at extremely competitive rates to carry out this critical function with a focus of preserving overall profitability.

SILTRI Advantage

We are a family owned and operated business, we are large enough to meet your needs but small enough that you have direct access to us. Given our size we have the ability to accommodate our customers ever changing needs to adapt to market conditions in real time...
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