Our biodiesel is environmentally friendly, and is a renewable fuel made by converting recycled cooking oil that is made into a green alternative fuel. The fuel reduces green house gases and can be used in all diesel engines with no modifications.


We at SILTRI are proud of our ability to carry out our business lines while being able to positively impact our shared environment. We believe that commerce and social responsibility are not divisible but rather mutually exclusive.

We have the ability to take waste oils from food processing and food services industries diverting a meaningful amount of waste deposited in our landfills and discharged to our municipal wastewater treatment.

Equally as important, we generate tremendous economic benefit to our stakeholders, may it be in the communities that we operate or to our vendor partners, by facilitating a closed loop approach to business whereby we convert waste oils to commercially applied products to the benefit of all.

SILTRI Advantage

We are a family owned and operated business, we are large enough to meet your needs but small enough that you have direct access to us. Given our size we have the ability to accommodate our customers ever changing needs to adapt to market conditions in real time...
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